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Here is a great letter that talks about the Beaver Dam Lodge



Some info on the Beaver Dam Lodge from their web site


A great story about the original Beaver Dam station!



Here is a web site with some history and information on Beaver Dam and Littlefield.

Welcome to Beaver Dam & Littlefield, Arizona!



Many of us have been to the spot on the east side of Hwy 91 where the caves and the rock walls are.  Here is what it looked like way back when.  Marv Lester sent me this photo.  Thanks, Marv.

Here is a picture of my dads 1934 Buick loaded on an iron wheeled hay rack at Beaver Dam probably the summer of 1934.

  There had been a flash flood down Beaver Dam Wash which took out the bridge on US 91.

  The teamster was hauling all vehicles going both east and west across the wash for, as I recall, a dollar each.  I was with my twin sister Margery, my Grandma, Maude Crane Melville, who is looking out of the window exclaiming "We are going to fall off of here!" and my mom and dad, Horace and Ethel Sorensen of Salt Lake City.

  The crossing was successful.  Anyone recognize the local teamster?

       Maynard Sorensen 

If anyone has information about the history of Beaver Dam or anything that you think would be of interest, please email me with info and pictures that you may have.  Also any links where I can download information.  Thank you.

Send to monty@beaverdamaz.com 




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