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Historic Beaver Dam Lodge and Golf is now serving Lunch and Dinner.

Come and see what your neighbors are talking about.

Join Nextdoor Beaver Dam, the private website for our neighborhood.


Make sure your children have the health insurance they need to stay healthy and safe this school year.

·         Free and low-cost coverage is available through KidsCare [Arizona’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)] who do not qualify for AHCCCS.

·         This program covers a broad set of benefits, including regular doctor visits, dental care, immunizations, prescriptions, mental health services, and more.

·         A family of 4 earning up to $48,600 a year may qualify. You can get in-person help applying, too; just visit www.canyonlandschc.org or call 928-347-5971. Get your children and teens covered today.

Applications for KidsCare will be accepted beginning July 26, 2016 for coverage that will begin September 1, 2016.

Need assistance? Call Canyonlands Healthcare’s Certified Application Counselor at (928)-347-5971


Another option for home delivered propane!




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Do you need help with animal control issues?

Click on licenses and/or complaints.  Or contact the Mohave County Sheriff.


If anyone has information about the history of Beaver Dam or anything that you think would be of interest, please email me with info and pictures.

Send to monty@beaverdamaz.com 


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